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ADRV9364 appconfig.h


I'm using ADRV9364 SOM. I was using 2018_R2 and then I updated to 2019_R2 version. I cannot find any documentation about examples.

My appconfig.h looks like this:

#ifndef CONFIG_H_
#define CONFIG_H_

#define HAVE_SPLIT_GAIN_TABLE    1 /* only set to 0 in case split_gain_table_mode_enable = 0*/
#define HAVE_TDD_SYNTH_TABLE    1 /* only set to 0 in case split_gain_table_mode_enable = 0*/

#define AD9361_DEVICE            0 /* set it 1 if AD9361 device is used, 0 otherwise */
#define AD9364_DEVICE            1 /* set it 1 if AD9364 device is used, 0 otherwise */
#define AD9363A_DEVICE            0 /* set it 1 if AD9363A device is used, 0 otherwise */

//#define FMCOMMS5
#define ADI_RF_SOM
//#define ADI_RF_SOM_CMOS

//#define IIO_SUPPORT

#define HAVE_VERBOSE_MESSAGES /* Recommended during development prints errors and warnings */
//#define HAVE_DEBUG_MESSAGES /* For Debug purposes only */
#endif // USE_LIBIIO
 * In case memory footprint is a concern these options allow
 * to disable unused functionality which may free up a few kb

DAC_DMA_EXAMPLE seems to generate one cycle of sinewave (2018_R2 had cyclic sinewave).

I would expect that ADC_DMA_IRQ_EXAMPLE should use interrupt for ADC. For some reason, the interrupt is not working for me. I have break point in axi_dmac_default_isr function, but it is never triggered. 

Is there something wrong in my appconfig.h or what might cause this receiving interrupt not working?

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