FMCOMM3 standalone with KC705

I am a little lost on my next step I should be taking.  

My setup is an FMCOMM2, Xilinx KC705, no-os version of ADI's software, Windows 10, and Vivado 2020.1.  I finally got the KC705 FMCOMM2 build to work.  I had a lot of issues getting the no-os app to work.  Command line seemed to hang (I am guessing it had to do with admin permissions being wonky on my work laptop), so I went the Vitis GUI route. I exported the .xsa and fired up Vitis.  In Vitis I built the platform and that worked fine.  I created a new app and dumped the src files from the ADI ad9361 project into it.  I couldn't get the linking to all the other directories to work right, so I slowly dumped in the different *.c and *.h files needed to build the project.  Eventually I got the project to build fine.  For some reason I did have to change the XPAR_FABRIC_AXI_AD9361_ADC_DMA_IRQ_INTR (and its DAC brother) to XPAR_AXI_INTC_AXI_AD9361_ADC_DMA_IRQ_INTR (and its DAC brother).  I don't know why I had to do that, but it seems to work now.  In app_config.h, I have the following #defines uncommented


I run it and I see the following debug on the terminal.

cf-ad9361-lpc: Successfully initialized (122877502 Hz)
ad9361_init : AD936x Rev 2 successfully initialized
cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc: Successfully initialized (122877502 Hz)

Then the code is done executing and the run exits.  Great, that seems to be a good start.  And now I am stuck.  It isn't exactly clear to me how to take the next step.  Obviously I would like to try to move some data through the AD9361 in TX mode as well as RX mode, but for some reason I am having trouble wrapping my brain around that step.  I've dug through the documentation, and there is certainly a lot more stuff for iio and linux builds.  But what if I just want to put out a tone, or I have some waveform in BRAM I want to transmit.  Any links that I can be pointed to?

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