Carrier waveform in FMComms3


I am using the FMComms3 with the Zedboard and the no-OS driver. I was using the example code with the macros XILINX_PLATFORM, ADC_DMA_EXAMPLE and DAC_DMA_EXAMPLE enabled (i.e., uncommented). The design should send and receive the following sinusoidal wave:

The design seems to be working when using the digital loopback. However, I am checking the transmission with an oscilloscope and I am watching strange waveforms. I changed the code to send a DC signal in the I component and zero in the Q component, therefore, I should be watching the carrier signal. This is what I am seeing:

Should not this be a sinusoidal signal? Is there a more direct way to check the carrier signal in the FMComms3 board?


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