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AD9361 no-os driver usage without DDR

Hello, I'm using AD9361 FMCOMMS2 on KC705 board. I'm not using DDR for capturing RX data, so I want to completely remove it in my project.
I've seen the similar topic, but the analog employee mentioned that the MIG removal question will be addressed on the HAL forum. I could not find the related topic.
So, I've tried to remove Memory Interface Generator and installed clock wizard instead, but the project does not start.

1. I've added MIG IP Core to hierarchy in order to make sure that the lines between ip cores would stay the same.

2. Removed it and installed clk wizard instead. It's generating clk_out1 200 MHz, which goes to ui_clk and clk_out2 100 MHz, which goes to ui_addn_clocks.

I'm using clk wizard locked signal instead of mmcm_locked signal of the MIG. For ui_clk_sync_rst I'm using inversed locked signal of my clk wizard. Is that correct?

3. I've deleted both DC and IC axi lines and put AXI BRAM Controller instead. 
The project is generating without any errors and have good timing delays. But, for some reason, it does not launch in SDK. 
I guess that I've got problem with resets. Is there some instructions on MIG removal. Or could you point where I've made a mistake in my removal process?

  • Hello,

    We don't have examples on how to use Microblaze without DDR. The main purpose of the DDR is to run the software and the second purpose is for storing the AD9361 data.

    I would suggest looking for a Xilinx example which runs Microblaze without DDR and see if you have all the required components available. Have you done that ?

    The second thing would the that whatever alternative memory you'll be using for software, to make sure it's large enough for the No-OS software.



  • I know this is an old post, but I was getting ready to write one with the EXACT same question when I saw yours.  I was wondering if you ever went any further with this issue and what your solution was?  My attempt was to just wholesale replace the DDR with some BRAM.  My hope was to keep the SDK code the same (since I know it works) and just have a (MUCH) smaller RAM space.  Like you, mine doesn't seem to start up in the SDK.

    And tips would be GREATLY appreciated!