AD9364 CMOS mode interface


I'm using AD9364 in custom board with FPGA with NO-OS driver in CMOS mode interface,

As per mentioned in the reference manual changes are done as below for CMOS half duplex, single port.

/* Digital Interface Control */

0, //swap_ports_enable *** adi,swap-ports-enable
1, //single_data_rate_enable *** adi,single-data-rate-enable
0, //cmos-mode-enable *** adi,cmos-mode-enable
1, //half_duplex_mode_enable *** adi,half-duplex-mode-enable
1, //single_port_mode_enable *** adi,single-port-mode-enable
0, //full_port_enable *** adi,full-port-enable
0, //full_duplex_swap_bits_enable *** adi,full-duplex-swap-bits-enable

0,    //lvds_rx_onchip_termination_enable *** adi,lvds-rx-onchip-termination-enable

we are testing the interface with BIST as per the "AD9361BISTFAQ.pdf" but  test is not working as intended.

ad9361_bist_tone(ad9361_phy, BIST_INJ_RX, 3, 0, 0)”. function used to validate the RX path.

ad9361_bist_loopback(ad9361_phy, 1); function used to test the loopback.

Both are not working, not able see the any output at FPGA.

Can anybody please give me complete information regarding CMOS mode changes. 


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