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AD9371 ADC Capture Example Script


I am using AD9371 with ZC706 and working with no-os drivers. All no-os system is working correctly in Xilinx SDK with no-os drivers provided in the master-branch. 

I saw adc_capture() function in the previous branches (like in 2018_1)  of No-os drivers ( in adc_core.c) . Also there was an example script to capture data from the adc.  Could you please provide a similar function in the axi_adc_core.c  driver so that we are able to capture adc data easily ?  Or at least you can say that what I should do to capture and read adc data using the  functions in the axi_dmac.c and axi_adc_core.c drivers. 

Thank you .

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  • Hi Sergiu, thank your for the answer

    I tried it today,  but the code is stuck in   "axi_dmac_tranfer function" at the below code lines which probably means that current transfer cannot be completed.   reg_val  is always 1  in this piece of code.  What can be the reasons ?  

    do {
    		axi_dmac_read(dmac, AXI_DMAC_REG_IRQ_PENDING, &reg_val);
    	} while(reg_val != (AXI_DMAC_IRQ_SOT | AXI_DMAC_IRQ_EOT));