AD-FREQCVT1 - SPI pins wiring


I am using a microcontroller to program ADF4351's 6 registers on this board using SPI via P2 header pins. See layout of the P2 header pins below:

Here is my wirings:

- Pins P2-1 and P2-2 are the LE pin (active low)

- Pins P2-3 and P2-7 are data and clock pins

- Pins P2-9 and P2-10 are connected to GND pin of the microcontroller.

- Pins P2-11 and P2-12 are connected to 3v3 source of the microcontroller. (not sure what this pin is for)

Is it correct ?

What do pins P2-11 and P2-12 do ?

I am asking so because I have trouble reading back MUX_OUT pins using a multimeter.

Most of the time, it didn't work. I was rarely able to read back some changes on the MUX_OUT pins.

I tried to set LD pins through register 5 on the ADF4351 to high, to turn on LED DS1 and DS2. But It was successful only a couple of times.

I am not sure what's the problem. Any suggestion ?



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