No-OS Reference Design Problems about QPSK Modem


I am working on a QPSK modulation/demod design based on No-OS reference design. I use the cyclic mode ON and it works as expected as far as I see at ILA. (Using the ZCU102 Rev1.1, FMCOMMS4, Vivado 2018.3)

I am sending the data with the array length 800( repeated 4 times ). Then QPSK demodulator IP gives me the original data with the length of 200. When I change the cyclic mode to 0, the program stucks at adc_capture(). In the adc_capture, the code stucks in the loop .

The questions are:

1) How should I determine the integer parameter of the adc_capture( )

2) I don't want to use the cyclic mode. How should I modify the program to transmit data whenever I want. Because the data transmission is rely on a condition in my system.

3) In the reference software project, there is mdelay(1000) code. What is the purpose of this part. Is it necessary to use, because 1000ms is a huge delay.

4) In the cyclic mode, the data are demodulated with no error but I see some clock pulses at fifo_wr_overflow and fifo_rd_overflow signals when the data are demodulated successfulfy. Are these a sign of a problem or is it an expected behavior of the program?