AD7606 IIO Device Source Problem

Hi All:

I have connected AD7606 to raspberry pi via SPI port and a couple of gpios for CONVSTA/B, BUSY.

I wrote a simple device tree overlay for this device.

Now using iio_info command It can detected the device and all the voltage attributes.

When Using IIO Oscilloscope, I can see waveform of "voltage0". The readings are valid.

My problem is that I want to use this device inside GnuRadio with the block IIO Device Source.

But after filling the fields and run the program, It shows an error:

WARNING:High-speed mode not enabled

Unable to refill buffer: Connection timed out

Here's my settings for IIO Device Source block:

IIO context URI : local:

Device Name/ID: ad7606-8

PHY Device Name/ID: ad7606-8

Channels: ["voltage0"]

Buffer size: 0x8000

Decimation: 1

Parameters: []

How do I resolve this error? Does my setup for device source block valid?

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