Error with "make " while trying to build no OS desing example project on Linux


I was following the documentation on how to build no OS on Linux from  to test the ad9208 , but when I try to run the make file it gives the following error.

soporte@soporte-Z370-AORUS-Ultra-Gaming:~/no_OS/no-OS/projects/ad9208$ make
[17:02:42] Evaluating hardware :
[17:02:42] Platform not found
cat: /home/soporte/no_OS/no-OS/projects/ad9208/../../projects/ad9208/build/tmp/arch.txt: No such file or directory
[17:02:42] Platform : none
[17:02:42] Can't generate the bsp
../../tools/scripts/ recipe for target 'bsp' failed
make: *** [bsp] Error 1

I am working with vivado 2018.3 and using the master branch. I would like to know if there is a step I am missing since this is the first time I am building these files.



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