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No-Os drivers DAC_DMA Example build problem

I have recently started using ADRV9009 Evaluation board along with ZC706 board (Plan to use with ZCU102 later by month end ).

I created the project cloning the sources from for both ZC706 and ZCU102 platforms and even downloaded the source codes from created the hw hw_bsp and sw project on XSDK and could compile properly.

Using as example code.

But if I uncomment DAC_DMA_EXAMPLE  from this file to check the DMA example build fails with error "ad9528_gpio_param undeclared? Did you mean adi_hal_param"  and next error is "storage size of 'gpio_init_plddrbypass' is unknown"

Kindly suggest is I am missing any header or where gpio_init_plddrbypass gets defined?

Thanks in advance

Arun Kumar

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  • I am seeing the issue most of the time, even if I reset the FPGA board. The sine wave I am receiving is also very noisy. I checked the status of Rx/Tx or radio on and any other reasons I thought but I did not find the solution. I tried less lane HDL version still not good, I actually spend a lot of time to make it work, unfortunately was not successful. Please let me know if there is a log or functions I can use for find the issue.


  • I borrowed a zcu102 to try adrv9009, the first time I tried the sine wave example, it worked without any problem. So, I am still thinking there is something not right with the design of zc706. I do appreciate it if you check it for me and let me know.