About difference of JESD204b drivers in 'common_driver' and 'driver' directory in the No-os master branch?


I am new in no-OS project, and I am looking for JESD204b driver. I found two sets of files, one in 'common_drivers' directory (dmac_core, jesd_core, xcvr_core) and one in 'drivers'  directory (axi_dmac, axi_jesd204_rx, etc.). I also found that in 2018_R2 branch the JESD204 was also present in 'projects' directory.

1) Why are there two sets of drivers? Is the 'drivers' version just newer one?

2) Which one is stable and recommended to be used with HDL 2018_R2?

3) Is driver from master branch compatible with HDL 2018_R2? Or should I use 2018_R2?



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