AD9371 noOS driver error

Hi all, 

We're update the AD9371 HDL to vivado 2018.3 version on Zynq-7000(ZC706) platform

After clone the latest version from HDL and noOS driver, there are several issues. 

the HDL project we are tested in Linux driver and it work normally. 


there is primary error shows the platform_xilinx/jesd_core.h has an error of no definition for "mykonosDevice_t"

int32_t xcvr_setup(mykonosDevice_t *myk_dev);
int32_t jesd_setup(mykonosDevice_t *myk_dev);
int32_t jesd_tx_enable(mykonosDevice_t *myk_dev);
int32_t jesd_rx_enable(mykonosDevice_t *myk_dev);

Second, there is no no address in hdl-master mapped to AXI_AD9371_CORE_BASEADDR as described in

Third, the JESD report is mismatched to the device. 

the device in use is Zynq-7000(GTX2) but the initial shows the different results and framer and deframer are abnormal. 

Please wait...
RX_XCVR (GTH4) initialization OK
TX_XCVR (GTH4) initialization OK
RX_OS_XCVR (GTH4) initialization OK
MCS successful
CLKPLL locked
AD9371 ARM version 5.1.1
PLLs locked
Calibrations completed successfully
RxFramerStatus = 0x20
OrxFramerStatus = 0x20
DeframerStatus = 0x21

Thanks in advance 

H.A. Hou

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