Can you give an example for reading voltage on ADM1191 please ?

I'm working with ADM1191 but I can not read voltage data.

I use Cora z7 to act as master, and use ADM1191 to read voltage of pi-fan.

In this case, I use 0x60 to be slave address.

Here is my code,

IIC::ConfigTable write_Config[4] = {{0x83,0x00}, {}, {}, {}};

Status=ADM.I2C_Read(0x30,write_Config, 4);
printf("\r\n\t\t-> Status %d",Status);
for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
printf("\r\n\t\t-> Data 0x%X",write_Config->data);
printf("\r\n\t\t-> Reg 0x%X",write_Config->reg);

Ruengsook C.

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