ADSB on ZCU102 + AD9371/5


I was trying to implement the ADSB project all on the hardware (Part 4 of Four Quick Steps to Production: Using Model-Based Design for Software-Defined Radio) using ZCU102+AD9375 or maybe ZC706+AD9375 (I think this combination does not have BSP), so I am trying to build something like . I was able to generate an hdl project through HDL Workflow Advisor and C codes using Matlab Coder. Now I want to generate a linux application and according to I should copy the files adsb_decode.c and makefile from . But since I am not using AD9361 but AD9375, I should change the contents or recreate the file adsb_decode.c

Can you help me on how I could transform my files into a linux application or how I should change the contents of adsb_decode.c? If am missing or wrongdoing anything up to here, can you point it out.