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AD9371 + KCU105 no-OS evaluation procedure

I’m trying to get the AD9371 evaluation board and software running on the Xilinx KCU105 board using the AD9371 No‑OS Setup instructions on the Analog Devices wiki. I’m running into two, possibly related, issues:

  1. The console output from the MicroBlaze processor reports a DeframerStatus of 0x21. I believe that indicates a problem. Is that the AD9371 Deframer (Tx) or the FPGA Deframer (Rx)?
  2. The captured ADC data is all zeros.


FPGA code: hdl-2018_r1 (/projects/adrv9371x/kcu105)

Software and Scripts: no-OS-master downloaded 8/3/2018 (no‑OS‑master/ad9371)

AD9371FilterWizard v1.10

Transceiver Evaluation Software: MYK_v2068

RefClk: 15.36 MHz, 398 mVrms (FilterWizard AD9528 RefClkA set to 15.36).

Rx LO Frequency: 1.8 GHz

Test input: 1.820 GHz sine wave, -30 dBm

1. Does the console output indicate a problem? What are the likely causes?

2. Are there any known issues with the software and hdl versions I'm using that might cause this problem?

3. Do you have a set of myk.c and myk_ad9528init.c files that are known to work with the KCU105 board?