Some feedback for Matlab Filter Design Wizard

Hi all,

I'd like to give some feedback to the developers of the Matlab Filter Design Wizard.

The value of RF Bandwidth on the GUI of the wizard should be calculated from the correct definition.

In the wizard, RF Bandwidth is calculated as below.

rfbw = round(((pll_rate - 1)/(caldiv - 1))*(2/(channel_factor*(2*pi)/log(2))));


However, as pointed out in this thread, this is not correct equation.

The correct definition is

rfbw = round((pll_rate/caldiv)*(2/(channel_factor*(2*pi)/log(2)))).

from UG-570 p9-10

Yes, I agree with your treatment to ensure consistency between the wizard and the driver of AD9361.

But this remain inaccuracy.

I argue that the value of RFBW on GUI should be calculated from the correct definition at least, because users will be confused when they read/write the registers of AD9361 manually for debugging.

Could you review my feedback and give me some comment, if you have.