How to enhance AD9361 transmission power using matlab support package for xilinx zynq-based radio


I checked the datasheet for AD9361, which has a maximum output power of 7.5 dbm in the 2.4GHz band. But when I call the sdrtx() function in zynq-based radio support package with the Gain parameter set to a maximum number 0, and the transmit power still does not reach the required strength. The actual power, I guess, is 5 dbm or less.

So how can I enhance the transmission power? Maybe by setting some other parameters, or edit the config file in the FPGA?

Hw: Zedboard (Xilinx-zynq 7000) + AD9361

Sw: Matlab19b + support package for xilinx zynq-based radio

I would appreciate any help.