AD9361 no microcontroller

Hi all, 

in my design (based on Xilinx KCU105 board) I would like to interface a FMCOMMS3 without using a microblaze but writing an interface in vhdl with a default config and minimum set of runtime configurable parameters.

There is some reference design from wich I can start?

In the documentation I found that AD9361 can store 8 Tx\Rx configurations, so another way would be to use the reference linux\no-OS design to create and store these configurations and then use them in the final application without microblaze. Is this solution easier?


    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 21, 2020 9:35 AM


    In our reference designs we don't support that use case, as the driver for the AD9361 is pretty complex and is hard to hard code it in hardware.

    You may be able to use our reference project, configure the part as you want and try to monitor all SPI transactions and after that try to use the same sequence from a memory. In any case, we don't recommend going that route and we probably won't be able to give you too much support.