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Data not coming for AD7357 interfaced with ADSP BF548 on SPI DMA

Question asked by KPAN on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by KPAN

Hi guys,


I have interfaced AD7357 with BF548 on SPI port (SPI using DMA)

BF548 is the master, and ADC is the slave

I can see the clock coming on the ADC EVAL board, but data is continously displayed as high(all FFFF) on CRO.

BF548 SPI receive register is showing all F, and data on CRO is 3.3V line

Do i need to follow any configuration sequence before ADC starts sending data?

Clock is displayed in 16 cycle packets with 1 cycle space in between, and also it is changing with SPI BAUD change in BF548.


Can anybody help me find the solution?


Thanks and Regards,