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AD8324, problems

Question asked by Timo.Goblet on Nov 21, 2012
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I'm building a board with a DSP. The DSP does a FFT on a analog signal. The signal is given a offset and we amplified with a ADA4853-1.

Then the Signal goes to the AD8324.

The AD8324 is set in single-ended. The Signal goes to the ADC on the DSP.


With an Logic Analyzer I have seen the SPI bus.

While Transmit:

Clk: 1 MHz

SData: 00011010

TXEN: High

Sleep (inverted): High

Data (inverted): Low


After Transmit:

Clk: 0 Hz

SData: Low


Sleep (inverted): High

Data (inverted): High

And the AD8324 is still not amplifying. Picture : Channel 1: Input... Channel 2: Output



I don't know what's wrong!