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compile linux for blackfin 548

Question asked by AlexNikitin on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2012 by SimonB


I'am trying to compile linux for blackfin 548 with this document, but receive many errors


ln: creating symbolic link `config.arch' to `vendors/AnalogDevices/BF548-EZKIT/config.arch': Function not implemented
config/setconfig: line 236: ARCH: command not found
Makefile:412: /mnt/disk1/linux-2.6.x/arch//Makefile: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** No rule to make target `/mnt/disk1/linux-2.6.x/arch//Makefile'.  Stop.
make[1]: *** [oldconfig_linux] Error 2
make[1]: *** [dep] Error 1
make: *** [AnalogDevices/BF548-EZKIT_default] Error 2

I see is not compile because script don't see the ARCH, and cant get Makefile for blackfin. Why?

Can anybody help me?