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Runtime assembler error on coreb of bf561

Question asked by willrobot on Feb 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2012 by PrasanthR



Could somebody give me some clue about how to resolve this error:



At runtime my program crash on bare metal coreb:


COREB: test mdct36                                                        
COREB: execption 24 addr 3c0746c                                          
COREB: coreb dump stack                                                   
COREB: found fp: ff700c1c                                                 
COREB:  call frame 0 -12 feb05676                                         
COREB:  call frame 0 -11 00000000                                         
COREB:  call frame 0 -9 00000000                                          
COREB:  call frame 0 -8 ff700bec  




when debugging, this assembler line of code is in cause.


  A1 = A0 = 0 || R3 = [P5++] || [I0--] = R1;  


is there is something wrong with it?


I attach the whole assembler file, the above code is at line 211