ANN: adv7604 (HDMI receiver) and ad9389b (HDMI transmitter) driver development

Discussion created by hverkuil on Feb 9, 2011
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Hi all,


Cisco Systems Norway is developing adv7604 and ad9389b video4linux drivers with the goal to include them into the linux kernel. More information on these devices can be found here:
The initial source code is available here:
Besides the two Analog Devices drivers is also contains a 'cobalt' driver which is a driver for a PCIe HDMI capture card (not for sale, I'm afraid) that
serves as an example of how to use the adv7604 driver in an actual driver. Both Analog Devices drivers need more clean up and probably need to made a bit more general. More importantly, new video4linux APIs need to be proposed and discussed to standardize some of the HDMI specific handling (EDID, hotplug, format changes, info frames, CEC, etc.). I hope we can send out RFCs for this by the end of this month. Also the analog input support for the adv7604 is very limited at the moment. This will improve in the coming months.
The RFCs will be posted to the linux-media@vger.kernel.org mailinglist (all video4linux development takes place there).
Some of this is already implemented in these drivers, but it uses custom events and ioctls.
These drivers do not intend to provide a full-featured implementation, especially for the adv7604 the featureset is huge. But it works for our
hardware and it is a good starting point.
Suggestions, ideas and patches will be welcome.
        Hans Verkuil