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    ADuC70xy USB Combi-Downloader




      I am attempting to use the ADuC70xy USB Combi-Downloader in Windows 7 64bit but I keep getting a driver not installed message.

      See attached picture.

      How can I fix this ? It works fine in WinXP.


      thanks !

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          Hi Bob,


          This is a problem with Win 7 requiring signed drivers.

          ADI uses a custom Product ID in the FTDI chip on the dongle you are using.

          To attain compatibility with Windows 7 you must change this custom PID to a generic FTDI default.


          To do this perform the following :


          1. Go to the FTDI web site and download the FT_Prog firmware update program




             2. Using a WinXP machine connect the dongle and run the FT_Prog software.

             3. Click the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar ( scan and parse). This will load the PID and VID from the dongles FTDI chip.

             4. Change the PID from A640 to 6001 and click the Program Devices icon on the toolbar.


          Connect the dongle to a Windows 7 machine and it will now recognise the dongle.


          best regards,


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            this instructions can be used also for the ADuC7061 MiniKit and the ADuC7023 evaluation-boards using FTDI UART/USB-Converter.

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              I've modified the FTDI drivers to include the Analog custom Product ID.


              These drivers aren't signed and they need to be manually added from Device Manager > Update Driver Software > Browse My Computer for driver software.


              I was presented with a warning message about unsigned drivers which I was able to ignore.


              Hopefully this will work for others as it does not require having an xp machine to modify the dongle firmware.

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                It works also well with the LIN version to download to the Battery Monitoring

                Precision Analog Microcontroller ADuC703x products.