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LTC2924 OUTx pin

Question asked by on Apr 29, 2018
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Is it possible LTC2924's OUTx pin directly connect to Regulator IC's enable-pin which absolute maximum voltage below LTC2924's charge pump voltage?


Because LTC2924 and LTC2928 is very similar power up/down sequence control.

These datasheet expression are almost same between LTC2924 P6 OUTx pin and LTC2928 P9  ENx pin .


but typical application in the datasheet is different.

LTC2924 : the sequence is controlled by OUTx pin for "Shutdown" pin of regulators.

LTC2928 : the sequence is controlled by ENx pin for "RUN" pin of regulators which voltage is lower than ENx charge pump voltage.


If these ICs are different, why these datasheet expression are similar?


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