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LTC4367 problem

Question asked by asadi.siyavash on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by pruthvikumar019

Hi Analog and Linear experts,

I used LTC4367 as a protection for power section of my board. as you see in attached image the circuit is like what said in datasheet. but it doesn't work even in normal range of voltage like 12V. in the output of this IC we have LTM4636 without any load it consume just 200mA.

The output of LTC4367 goes on and then suddenly goes low without any reason. I changed all ICs but problrm has not been solved. when output is high voltages are: VIN=12V, Vsh=11.8V, Vuv=1.4V, Vov=0.4V

when it is off: VIN=12V, Vsh=0V, Vuv=0, Vov=0

I changed R181 to 330ohm result in off : VIN=12V, Vsh=11.8V, Vuv=3.3V Vov=1.5V

please help me I am really confused,

any help would be greatly appreciated,