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ADE7978 : Measure multiple single phase load with one ADE7978

Question asked by Damgot on May 4, 2017



For a project, I need to measure current, voltage, power and energy consumed by two different 3x400+N loads and 2 different 2x230V loads.


For each 3x400+N load, I will use a ADE7978 with 3 ADE7932.

For the two 2x230V loads, I want to also use the ADE7978. But instead of using one ADE7978 with one ADE7932 for each load, I would like to use one ADE7978 with TWO ADE7932 (one for each load).


So I would like to know if the ADE7978 has the capability to measure independently two differents single phase loads. First load connected on ADE7978 channel A, and second load connected to ADE7978 channel B ?


Many thanks for your help.


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