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ADV 212 Halted HIPI Transfer

Question asked by mcorb1 on Jul 6, 2011
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I'm initializing the ADV212 using the parameters below. I'm using a 32-bit HIPI interface to transfer the data. After two 128-word transfers (each transfer is one pixel of 8-bit YCrYCb), the ADV212 no longer requests anymore data. The image size is 256x256. So, it appears after one row, there are no more requests.


From the forums, I found that I should program PMODE2. It is set to 0x30. The transfers are 128-bytes. 32-bit accesses. XTOT = 512. YTOT = 256. Codeblock is 64x32, with irreversible 9x7.


I've been using the ADV202_HIP_mode03 document as a guide, but have made some changes to the settings. I was hoping someone might have an idea of where to look in my settings to try and resolve this.





Here are the settings I'm using:


PLL_HI 0x0088
PLL_LO 0x0022
BOOT 0x008a
BUSMODE 0x000a
MMODE 0x000a
(Wrote Bitfile ../bitfile/encode_2_13_0.sea with 8192 32-bit words, 32768 bytes)
BOOT 0x008d
BUSMODE 0x000a
MMODE 0x000a
FirmwareParams  0x4000403
IDATA 0x1000000
IDATA 0x2000500
IDATA 0x007a
PMODE1 0x150000
XTOT 0x2000000
YTOT 0x1000000
F0_START 0x10000
F1_START 0x0000
V0_START 0x0000
V1_START 0x0000
V0_END 0x0000
V1_END 0x0000
PIXEL_END 0x0000
PMODE2 0x300000
VMODE 0x120000
EIRQIE 0x0400
Read 4 bytes from addr J2KDirAddress_SWFLAG : 0000ff82,
EDMOD0 0x1100000
EDMOD0 0x1110000
EDMOD1 0x1120000
EDMOD1 0x1130000
EIRQFLG 0x0400