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ADUM5412 VDD2 to GND failure related to Viso?

Question asked by bwaddoups on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by bkennedy

I have an inherited design with an ADUM5412 Quad Channel Isolator that is experiencing failures.  The failure mode is the VDD2 end up shorted to GNDiso.  The failures occurs over a period of operational time, not immediately.  In reviewing the design I see that the designer has tied Viso and Vsel directly to GNDiso and PDIS to  3.3V.  I am wondering if having Viso and Vsel tied directly to GNDiso could be causing a chip failure.  All the example schematic I have seen show some resistive load between Vsio and GNDiso.  Does anyone know if tieing them directly could cause a failure over time?  

Thanks, Brent