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    JESD204 Output driver terminations


      How do I properly terminate JESD204 output drivers?  What considerations for proper layout should I consider?

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          JESD204 output drivers need to have a termination impedance of approximately 100 ohms.  Proper care and attention should be used in creating transmission lines that have 100 ohms differential impedance and it is recommended that loosely coupled transmission lines be used to avoid large impedance changes where the lines may need to route apart for some distance.  If the system is not properly terminated, reflections, overshoot, crosstalk, or other signal impairments can occur.  For more information on JESD204 and its electrical specifications, refer to www.jedec.org for the JESD204 specification or to www.oiforum for the OIF-SxI5-01.0 and CEI-6G-SR electrical specifications for JESD204.