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ADM7150/ADM7155 - Is this a good IC for powering a DAC?

Question asked by tbsh on Mar 27, 2015
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First of all - sorry for my grammar, English is not my native language.


I'm in the middle of component choosing for my new DAC project and I need help with voltage regulators.


My project will have 3 separate voltage sections - one for digital part 3.3V ( I'm thinking about ADM7155), one for powering TCXO (ADM7155 again, 3.3V) and last one for analog side of a DAC (5V, better option is 5.5V) - here I would like to use ADM7150 but I'm worried about its stability. Each section will be powered from separate battery.


I have done little research on the web and supposedly there is a stability issue with ADM7150, also I have negative opinions from my friend who said to me, that it's hard to implement this IC correctly.


My question is - if I use similar board layout to that from the datasheet recommendation, should I run into possible problems with powering a DAC?


There are 4 power pins on analog side of a DAC, decoupling is done with 0.1uF NP0 + 10uF tantalum each, then after that there is 100uF electrolytic capacitor. Is this environment suited for ADM7150 or should I use different voltage regulator (if so - which one)?


Thank You kindly for Your help.


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