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Have a ADIS16364 IMU with the EVAL-ADIS, stalls waiting for transfer from SDP . . . .

Question asked by mfontanella on Oct 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2015 by NevadaMark

As the title says I'm using the ADIS16364 IMU with the EVAL-ADIS evaluation board, which just arrived today. When "Read"ing the data output on the GUI, everything is fine. I can track all three gyros and accelerometers.


Then when I go to Data Capture the data, things go wrong, the sample rate is the default (819.202) and I'm taking 12 seconds of data off the X-Gyro and X-Accel. I'm able to get a CSV file of the data and it finishes the capture but then another window pops up labeled "System Development Platform Wait" and the traveling green bars continue to travel under the "Waiting for transfer from SDP . . . .". This has happened twice now which is why I'm only capturing the two sensors.


As long as the SDP Wait Window is up, all activity is suspended on all the other windows. If I cancel the wait, the connection between the software "Analog Devices IMU Evaluation Program 1.12.3" and the EVAL-ADIS board is lost. I have to disconnect the USB from the computer and start all over again.


What's the problem and why is the SDP wanting to transfer?


It was a good start with the software until this happened.