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Suitable Driver for AD9681 ADC, ADL5566 or AD8351 or else?

Question asked by Sigurd on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by bsam

Dear engineers!


I am looking for a suitable driver for the AD9681 8-channel 14bit ADC. Currently we are working with the ADL5566 and an ADC of a different vendor. We would like to replace our current ADC with the AD9681 due to its lower power consumption. I am therefore asking for your advise for an ADC driver (that also does single-ended to differential conversion).


Do you have any experience with interfacing the ADL5566 with the AD9681?


Our signals are gain scaled and bandpass filtered in front of the ADC driver and are AC coupled only. Between driver and ADC we only would like to have a simple AA-LPF (400MHz). The signals are of <5MHz BW with a center frequency in the range of 100..350MHz and undersampled (downconversion is done digitally in the FPGA).


The big advantage of the ADL5566 is its linearity (when compared to the AD8351) and the fact that it houses two diffamps (space), however, it uses slightly more power. We would run it on 3.3V (or slightly more).


Thank you for your input!