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ADAU1761 with ground-centered headphone configuration

Question asked by AEichner on Oct 1, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by AEichner


we are using the ADAU1761 with headphone and speaker on outputs.

The speaker is connected via SSM2377 amplifier to the LOUTN/LOUTP pins, which are set as line out.

The headphone is connected as ground-centered to RHP/LHP pins using decopling capacitors.


We have got a problem of pops during AVDD switching on or off.

We have seen, that the outputs of HP and speaker are biased with AVDD/2 after switching on the AVDD power supply.


Is there any possibility to suppress the pops independently of applying the AVDD supply voltage?

Maybe there is a possibility to disable the AVDD/2 bias to analog outputs, or other cirquit popless solutions.


Please, give us some advices.


Thanks very much.