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    Output short on ADuM6400




      I am looking at producing a cable tester. So,effectively a cable loop up to 3 metres which may or may not have cable faults.

      I was planning on using  Isolators such as the AduM6400 and ADuM6404 to protect a microcontroller from output shorts . The idea being to test cables and wiring looms by reading the sent signals back at the micro for continuity (signal received on correct pin) short circuit ( signal received on 2 pins ) and open circuit (no signal received).

      My question is that I know nothing of the output of the ADuM6400 and how it can handle shorted output pins. Perhaps I should be using  buffers to protect the isolators outputs.

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          Leethal: The ADuM640x outputs have an absolute maximum current of 10mA, and shorting the output to ground would consume more current than 10mA, so you are right to consider using buffers on the ADuM640x outputs to avoid damaging the device. In your application, you will need to factor in the propagation delay of the ADuM640x channel listed in the Switching specifications in the datasheet, as well as the delay from the bufffer, in your test time.

          Regards, Brian