ADIS1649x FIR Coefficients for MATLAB

This file contains a single file, ADIS1649x_FIR.mat.  

Extract this file into a MATLAB path, then, use the following command to load it into the workspace

>> load ADIS1649x_FIR.mat

This contains two variables

Fs contain the sample rate (in units of kHz) and ADIS1649xFIR contains the coefficients for each filter bank 

Once this is in the workspace, create a variable Den, for later use, then, launch the filterDesigner tool. 

Once in the filterDesigner, click on File, then Import Filter From Workspace...

Once the Import screen loads, clear the denominator and numerator inputs, assign variables to the denominator and numerator inputs and change the sample rate setting to kHz

Click on Import Filter and the mag response will refresh on the screen.