No dataoutput using two ADXL355 with I2C interfaces

Hi, I'm working on a project about two digital accelerometers ADXL355 that have to send data to an Arduino uno. The Arduino uno and the accelerometers communicate with each other through the I2C interfaces.

The first accelerometer has the ASEL pin connected to the ground. In this way its device address is 0x1D.

The second one has the ASEL pin connected to VDD (high). In this way its device address is 0x53.

So the accelerometers have two different addresses. Despite this, when I connect both the devices to the Arduino I read the data outpout only for a while (about 5,6 seconds, even less). Then they stop working and I see always the same data output, no more changing.

I don't have this problem if I read one accelerometer at a time (both the accelerometer with the 0x53 address and the accelerometer with the 0x1D address).

I have no idea what the problem might be. Do you have any advice or suggestion?