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ADXL1002 Accuracy Limitation

Hi engineer team,


I was looking on the ADXL1002 datasheet and I was wondering about something : is that significant and accurate to measure a voltage difference which is less than 2mV or 1mV with the ADXL1002 ? We know that the sensitivity is 40mV/g, and the ADXL1002 is made for a huge range +/-50g, so basically the main purpose is not to measure low variation.

I saw as well that the sensitivity due to the temperature is 5% of 40mV/g. So I assume than measuring an acceleration which is lower than 5% of 1g (which means 2mV) is not really accurate.

I am currently asking this cause we are reflecting about which ADC we are gonna use, and I am wondering if a 12bit ADC with a 4V VREF is enough (which allow us to have a resolution of 0.97mV).

Thanks for your help,