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ADXRS646 Null Output Over Temperature

Hi there,

I'm working on a system which uses the ADXRS646-EP to measure the rate of rotation about one axis in a vehicle.  We have a circuit to cancel the null output which we tune during production, such that the system output is zero for zero rotation at 25°C.  However, we're concerned that the null drift over temperature could result in an apparent output as high as ~10°/sec if the system is operating near the edge of its temperature range.  It's possible that we could modify the system to zero the output at start-up, but this wouldn't account for any null drift if the system were to start cold and warm up during operation, for example.  With that in mind, a few questions:

-Is there a way that we can make use of the TEMP output to compensate for temperature drift without individually characterizing each gyro?
-Can we reduce the measurement range from ±250°/sec?  We only need about ±50°/sec for this application; if we were able to increase the sensitivity by a factor of 5, the apparent rotation caused by temperature drift would be reduced by a factor of 5 as well.
-Is there a different part that you'd recommend for this application, or anything else that you can think of that might be able to help us out?