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This is urgent... I am using ADXL193 for vibration measurement now sensor is stop so i am using ADXL377 but it shows both sensors are different

ADXL377 can be used as ADXL193 because datasheet shows sensors are little bit differ

  • Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, I was not able to understand what your question is. 

  • Hello,

    My question is ADXL193 is no more available for new design and so I am using ADXL377

    My application is to measure motor imbalance detection using vibration (Application Centrifuge)

    So if load imbalance happen I will measure RMS noise and stop motor to avoid damage.

    I have attach schematic and my reading of ADXL193 but now replace with ADXL377 it is not working like ADXL193.

    Is the schematic is ok for adxl377? And the approach of measurement is ok? Because ADXL193 works well.

  • Sorry for the delay, as it appears like my response did not post correctly.  Here it is....

    I actually had already looked at your drawing.  It is really hard for us to answer a questions like "is this schematic OK?" without a clear understanding of your objective.  Normally, we try to put some boundaries around the frequency range, which would seem to drive some of the local passive component values. I tried to pull that out of the scope plots, but the time base was hard to see.  Do you have min/max limits for the bandwidth?     The range and noise of the ADXL377 seem to be in the right region of the ADXL193 options, so the frequency range definitions are the only thing that I would need, in order to assess your passive component selections.