ADXL355 Reset Command @I2C


Our customer has a I2C comunication trouble.

When Reset command was written by single byte write, After the ADXL355 returns NACK, communication may become impossible. the ADXL355 does not accept commands, and it has only power supply OFF / ON for restore.

The waveform seems to have no problem. Do you have any knowledge?


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  • Thank you for your post.  Out of curiosity, is your customer able to execute a read request with success?  While I am just starting to get familiar with the SPI on the ADXL355, the pattern is a bit strange.  Am I correct in assessing that there are 9 SCLKs in the first segment, 8 SCLKs in the second segment and 9 SCLKs in the third segment?  Does that seem right? Also, what do the blue horizontal lines represent?  Thanks again!

  • Hi NevadaMark,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Our custmoer is using I2C. therefore It is different from SPI command.

    The blue line wrote to see exactly data bits of each clock edge.

    The last bit is a stop condition from master.

    Normally, when the master writes a stop condition, the bus is released from the slave and the next read / write should be possible. In the customer's evaluation, the NACK response is returned from the slave when the RESET command is written, and will not be released bus.


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  • Thank you! I am sorry that I didn't consult the datasheet before my first response. Have they been able to execute any commands or reads, with success?

  • Hi,

    Thank you for quick responce.

    A read / write command other than RESET is successful.

  • Than you for the clarification. I have studied the datasheet and become more familiar with the ADXL355 I2C and the coding pattern.  Based on everything that I have read so far, I agree with you in that this should cause the reset.  I am going to keep digging into this, but I have also asked a colleague to take a look at this, to double check my work this.  We will post an update early next week. Thank you, again! This case has given me a great chance to learn this device's protocol in better detail!