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ADIS16223 Rev0 Data sheet typos?

Are these typos? The Rev 0 Data sheet for ADIS16223 as downloaded from AD website has a couple of important typos.

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Alarm Indicator states "Set GLOB_CMD[4]=1 (DIN = 0xBF10)"

The DIN should be 0xBE10 not 0xBF10 ?


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Self-Test states "Set GLOB_CMD[2] = 1 (DIN = 0xBE02)"

The DIN should be 0xBE04 not 0xBE02 ?


I have drawn up a table based on Table 27 but with the addition of the DIN commands as I understand them.

Please can you check the above observations and the table below for accuracy / errors.

Are the observations above due to typos or have I misunderstood the GLOB_CMD[x] commands?

Bits Din command Description
15 0xBF80 Reserved
14 0xBF40 Reserved
13 0xBF20

Restore capture data and settings

12 0xBF10

from flash memory

11 0xBF08

to flash memory

10 0xBF04 Set CAPT_PNTR = 0x0000
9 0xBF02 Reserved
8 0xBF01 Clear capture buffers
7 0xBE80 Software reset
6 0xBE40 Reserved
5 0xBE20

Flash test, compare sum of flash

4 0xBE10

memory with factory value

3 0xBE08

Restore factory register settings

2 0xBE04

and clear the capture buffers

1 0xBE02 Power-down
0 0xBE01 Autonull
  • Thank you for posting this. I haven't tested this product in a while, so I will need to get my setup together and try this out.  Might take a few days to get back to you on this one. Based on everything I see right now, 0xBE02 should power the device down and 0xBE04 should be self-test.  We will figure this out. Thank you!

  • Just wanted to offer a quick update. I was unable to verify this on my evaluation tools, so I will need to find another way to test this. I might need a few more days to close this out.  Thank you!

  • We are still working on being able to test the power-down on the evaluation tools, but I did speak with the Product Test Engineer for this product and he confirmed that Power-down is part of our automated testing of these devices. He reviewed his test procedure and confirmed that GLOB_CMD[1] actually does initiate the Power down.  As we were talking, one idea came up, which might help you.  The GLOB_CMD is unique in that you only need to write to one byte at a time.  So, if you send DIN = 0xBE02, the device should go into the power down mode. However, if you send 0xBF00 afterwards, it will wake the device up. Could that be what is happening in your setup?

  • Just closing the loop on this. Sorry about the delay.  We have been able to confirm that our automated test for the ADIS16223 runs both Self-test and Power down functions.  Our Product Test Engineer (PTE) has verified that the coding in the table that I posted, is correct.  In our evaluation software, we found that it was waking the device up, by sending the 0xBF00 command, as I had described in my previous post.  Could that be what is happening in your attempt to observe a power down?