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Communication problem with ADIS16445

Hi, there!


This is my first post and need some help. I'm a student in a university. A few days ago, I bought an ADIS16445. I used an Infineon XC2287M MCU for SPI communication.


But after a lot of tries, I still couldn't communicate with ADIS16445 correctly. To figure out why I use an oscilloscope for the details of the four lines(CS SCLK DIN DOUT). For example like the picture, I tried to write 0x5600 to the DIN line in a repeating pattern. The expected message from DOUT line is 0x403D. Sometimes I received 0x403D and sometimes I received some other message like 0x019B like the picture shows. Then I compared the CS, SCLK and DIN lines from my MCU with the figure 14 in ADIS16445 datasheet, I couldn't tell the apparent difference.


The picture shows the details of the communication.


The yellow line, blue line, purple line and green line represent the SCLK, CS, DIN, DOUT signal respectively. The timing diagram seems the same as the figure in the datasheet.


Does anybody know why that happens? Thanks a lot.