ADXRS450-temperature sensitivity

hey there 

how could i extract the data concerning drift over temperature and other parameters like initial bias from the datasheet ?

because i couldn't find anything related to it in its datasheet .


  • Thank you for the post! Sorry that the datasheet is missing information that you need.  The Bias Repeatabillity (long-term) will be on the order of 0.5 to 1 deg/sec & based on what I understand, the temperature dependent bias will be similar to the ADXRS64x Family, which is +/-3 deg/sec over the temp range of -40 to +85C. Each unit does have its own signature and the manner in which it is mounted onto a printed circuit board can influence that signature as well. Therefore, systems that need the best performance often have to observe and calibrate each unit, over the conditions that they anticipate in their application. I hope that helps!