Comparison of ADXRS 450 and ADXRS 290

My customers are planning dead-reckoning by gyroscope.
And we are comparing ADXRS450 and ADXRS290.

ADXRS450 Sensitivity 80 LSB / ° / sec, Offset ± 3 ° / sec
ADXRS290 sensitivity 200 LSB / ° / sec, offset ± 9 ° / sec

We are trying to cancel offsets by calibration.
That seems ADXS290 is better.

However, ADXRS290 is a device for "Wearable products" use.
I think the ADXRS450 is superior for industrial applications because the ADXR 450 is a device for "Rotation sensing industrial and instrumentation" use.

What is the performance point of the ADXRS450's superiority?
Is the "SHOCK AND VIBRATION IMMUNITY" of the ADXS450 superior to the ADXR 290?

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