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why some of my ADXRS620 don't work


  I have some ADXRS620 ,and i make the PCB by myself ,also i solded the PCB with my Reflow soldering machine .But I fand that some of them do not work, the output always about 2.5V when i move zhe ADXRS620. I measure and fand that the voltage between CP5-0.1uF(PIND6,D7) is very low (about 2v-8v,not a stable value of different PCB that not work ), But the voltage between CP5 of the work PCB is above 16V(close to the 18-20V that the datasheet said about zhe CP5 charge pump voltage ) , so I really doubt that my adxrs620 charge pump fail just like zhe datasheet said,But i can't confirm .Beside i don't fand how to ensure the adxrs620 work.

I have VDD, Vratio and AVCC all powered at 5V, and PGND, AGND, all tied to ground.

PS: I connect the two NC(D1,D2) ,TS1(F5,G5) ,TS2(F4,G4) pins together ,But not conenct to other signal pin or power pin,I dont know wether this makes ADXRS620 not work.

this is my schematic:

(when  test i dont conenct the Rout)

this is the PCB: