ADXL362 stops working intermittently 

Hi all,

I am facing an issue with ADXL362. 

Most of the times it works perfectly I able to read perfect values from X,Y,Z (0X0E,0x10 and 0x12 registers) upon monitoring DATA_READY bit from Status register. 

Sometimes suddenly status register (0x0B) starts returning all zeros. 

My device is always powered ON. 

Initialization sequence is below. 

1) 0x1F = 0x52

2) delay (1 ms approx)

3) 0x2D = 0x02

All other values are defaults.

I am powering up the chip with 1.9V from processor pad as mentioned in data sheet. I followed all design/layout guide lines as per data sheet. 

Not sure what is going wrong when device sending all zeros. 

Please guide me. Any help would be highly appreciated.