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ADIS16135 datasheet


I am trying to understand the terms In-run Bias Stability, Bias repeatability, and Sensitivity Temperature Coefficient from the datasheet:

  • I understand that the Bias repeatability is the error of the output of the sensor that appears when you turn it on with an input of the sensor 0°/sec. Or is it the error for a long term behaviour and is defined over a long time like 1 year? 
  • Are these terms: In-Run Bias Stability, Angular Random Walk, Output Noise, and Rate Noise Density; different ways to define the noise of the sensor? Or is the In-Run Bias Stability a different source of noise in the sensor? 
  • How the parameter Sensitivity Temperature Coefficient affect the sensor? Does it affect only the output in volts some way like the following formula? Where "a" is the sensitivity temperature coefficient.


Many thanks in advance