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gyro test in dynamic with EVAL-ADIS


Whould you please help me to find the answer of question about ADIS16266 and EVAL-ADIS.

What is your suggestion about the gyro test in dynamic with EVAL-ADIS? What I mean is the EVAL-ADIS would be on the rate table and 4 lines of usb transfered with slipring (there is inside rate table) or EVAL-ADIS would be outside of rate table and 16 lines of gyro (for example ADIS16266) transferred with slipring?

thank you in advance

  • you can maybe use long usb cable through slipring.

    but there is problem too about (eval_adis ) usb cable.

    when you another usb cable board does't work and we have alarm!!!



  • Thank you for your comments.  What problem are you having with the USB cable?  Are you also working with the ADIS16265 or are you trying to test another product?

  • The EVAL-ADIS was not intended to support such testing, so we do not have any official tools for this purpose.  Having said that, we have done some reference design work, which you might find helpful.  We actually designed three different boards, which drove the SPI communication signals, rather than the USB (as you asked about) through the slip ring.  I will dig up the links to these reference designs and post them in separate comments.

  • Please see this link for an overview of how we accomplished this type of testing for another product in this family, the ADIS1648x.  While this is a different product, the communication needs are very similar, so I suspect that you could use these design files as a starting point for an interface that would help you drive the SPI lines through the slip ring in your motor stage. 

    FAQ; ADIS1648x Remote Communication/Testing 

    I hope that this helps!

  • if we change orginal cable with another cable the board doesn't work and we have alarm

  • So, if you switched from the USB cable that came with the EVAL-ADIS, to a different one, why did you say (in your first comment) that you had a problem with the EVAL-ADIS' USB cable? Was that really appropriate? No big deal for us, but I want to make sure that there is clarity for anybody else, who may read this in the future. If you do run into issues with the materials that we provide you, please be sure to report that through your point of purchase and we will do everything in our power to help you. Thanks again for all the contributions that you have made to this forum so far. Looking forward to getting clarification on your other comments (separate discussion) when it's convenient for you.
  • We haven't heard anything new on this in a while, so I am going to mark this discussion as closed, but you are still able to post comments if you like. Thanks again for posting!